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Top Tips for Hiring a Pianist for Your Upcoming Event

A pianist can be hired for various events ranging from wedding receptions, breakfasts, ceremonies, birthday parties, christenings, black tie events, and corporate functions. You can rely on a professional pianist to offer sophisticated background music to allow your guests to enjoy the occasion, relax, and make conversations. Different things have an impact on the cost of hiring a reputable pianist. For instance, you have to consider the distance the pianist will travel to the event and the length of the performance. With good research you can find a pianist for hire at an affordable cost. The following are things you need to take into account when hiring a pianist.

The Venue

pianistSome venues have a house piano. In this case, the pianist will bring their electric keyboard to the venue and will want their performance area to be connected to a power source. If the venue owns a piano, you should allow your pianist to contact the management in advance. This will allow your musician to decide whether he or she will come with own electric keyboard or use the in-house equipment. Although a few pianists will perform acoustically, most will require powered equipment. Thus, the venue you choose ought to have gear that is certified for electrical safety.

Your Budget

As you probably know, it is quite expensive to hire a professional musician, but for good reasons. A professional offers a lot of benefits over the cheaper amateurs in a wide range of ways, from equipment and experience to professionalism and repertoire. Thus, if your budget is low, you should try to find a local piano player to reduce travel costs. In addition, consider the lengths and times as they will have an impact on the quote.

Read the Reviews

woman pianistThere are different sites where clients leave reviews that detail their booking experiences with certain pianists and musicians. Also, a musician will have testimonials on his or her site. Ensure you read all of these things before you start negotiations.

Dress Code

Most musicians like wearing casual clothes. It is advisable to discuss with your pianist about the dress code you desire for your event. This is the case if you want them to dress in a particular way.

Parking Space

Usually, a pianist will bring his or her keyboard will require some parking space adjacent to the venue. Also, you can get an extra room where he or she will store valuables and other equipment. You can also provide a hot meal for your pianist and some soft drinks.…

Why You Need Professional Audio Mastering Services

Any musician knows the value of investing in audio quality. One can easily tell whether a song is professional or not by listening to a few lines. Audio mastering is a process that seeks to remove any inconsistencies in your music. As much as you might master your audio for yourself, self-mastering does not work when it comes to commercial music production. Professional audio mastering services ensure that you produce songs with exceptional quality as per your audiences’ demands.

Benefits of audio mastering

Improved quality

music production

One of the most important reasons to have your tracks mastered by some professional is to improve its quality. Ideally, a mastering engineer listens to your album objectively and enhances its quality comprehensively. The experience offered by these professionals’ means that they can pick up some discrepancies that not everyone notices. As a result, they will enhance the quality of your music thus make it flourish.

Mastering takes time

Mastering is not just about listening to a song and picking up some areas that need to be changed. Ideally, mastering takes some time considering that every part of the song/album should be considered, tuned, and polished off. It is a process that requires exceptional concentration and some technical expertise. What more, it takes quite some time to learn how to master as per industry standards leave the time spent working on a single track.

A fresh set of years

new releaseAs much as you might be able to single out some areas that need improvements in your song, you also need a fresh set of years. In most instances, you might not be able to identify instances where the background score gets flat or some minor flaws in your songs. Having a professional audio mastering professional on board will help you identify these minor flaws.

A musician’s career is anchored on the quality of music they produce. You need professional audio mastering services if you do not want to wreck all the effort injected in creating an album.

Access to latest music production technologies

Mastering also requires you to have some special equipment. Well, you might try using some trail software, but using quality software and equipment gives all the difference. For a fact, most equipment needed for mastering are expensive and rare to find. The good thing about professionals is that they have access to some of the latest technologies needed to redefine your tracks.…

How to promote your music online

Most upcoming music artists today are turning to the internet to help promote their music. This is a great idea since the internet is a wonderful place for advertising anything, especially music. Promoting your music online is a perfect opportunity for getting yourself out there. You need to know how to promote your music on the internet if you want to succeed in your music career.

Things to know to promote your music online

Join social networks

Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are some of the popular social network sites that you should have. Setup an artist page with these social networks and update the pages periodically. This makes it easy to waste time fooling around the sites.musicleftsdgfhg

Get a website

Most musicians use MySpace page as the primary site but getting your own site makes you more professional. The website does not have to be very fancy. You simply want it to be somewhere your fans can get to hear and know your stuff. It should be a place where your fans signup for your music, discography, artist bio and photos.

Signup with music distribution companies

Signing up with companies selling your digital music is very important. This allows you to sell the music to people you may not be able to reach and sell to. The other benefit of signing up with such companies is that they tend to bring you more exposure since they attract their traffic to their sites. CD Baby is a good starting point. They automatically sign you up with top music distribution companies as soon as you signup with them.

Join music forums

This practice is underrated but can help bring the much-needed attention to your music. Find the various online music forums and register to the ones that fit your genre of music. Ensure you are an active participant after that. Such forums allow you to make a signature that appears after making your posts. You can add the link to your website here as well.


Use youtube

musicrightghdsjfkgvMost artists avoid using Youtube as a tool for marketing since they think they have to produce fancy videos. The idea here, however, is to get your new track out there. You can even create a Youtube video using still photos of the music playing. This is a great way to market your music as most people are likely to view the video on Youtube.

In case you have been struggling with marketing your music, these marketing strategies can help you promote your music on the internet platform.…