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Reasons to Rent a Photo Box

Photo booths might seem like an old-fashioned idea, but they are still popular today. Even in the age of social media, fotobox mieten bei selfieflash is still essential. You still need to rent a photo box for your event to bring some entertainment into your event.

Renting a photo booth is suitable for events like birthdays, wedding and also corporate events. You can get them in different designs and styles depending on the kind of event that you want to host. Here are some reasons why you need to consider renting a photo box:

A reminder of The Event

photo boothIf you want people to remember the event, renting a PhotoBox is a good idea. When people take a picture near the photo booth, the photo box will have the name and date of the event. Whenever you see the picture, you will know the type of event and when it was held.

Many people take pictures in events but are left wondering when and where they took the picture. With a photo box, you will be able to get all the details you want just from the picture.

Encourage Interaction

A photo booth can help to encourage interaction in the event. In an event where people do not know each other, it is essential to get people talking to each other and interacting. A photo box in your event can be a good conversation starter.

People will meet at the photo booth while taking pictures and this is an excellent place to know each other. The main aim of each event is to encourage interaction, and a photo booth will help you to do that without much effort.

Take Advantage of Props

When you rent a photo booth, you get some props. Props are everything with the growth of social media. The props help you in creating beautiful photos for your event. You can use the props to enhance creativity when taking the pictures.

Creativity is everything when taking pictures and you need to make sure that you make yours even as fun as possible. You can post the fun pictures on social media when you use beautiful props for your event.

photo booth props

Easy to Customise

You can always customize your photo booth. No matter the type of event that you are hosting, a photobooth works just fine to help you get the type of event that you want. Photo booths can be personalized to it your event based on needs and even décor.…


Advantages of hiring photo booths for your event

In the recent past, photo booths have become very popular because even event planners have recommended them because they add some sense of style in an event. With a photo booth in your event whether a wedding, anniversary or birthday, you will then be moving the pleasure of memories and fun to higher heights. Photo booths will be a great attraction to the event, and they are nice moments that most attendees will not forget since it is a whole new experience. You should, therefore, consider hiring a photo booth from if you are organizing for an event. But if you are skeptical about the advantages of booths here are some of the reasons that will make you get this perfect addition to your event.

Photo booths are time killer

One of the best functions that a photo booth in an event will play is that the booth will help the attendeesbvbjhuiyk pass time as they wait for the event to start. In most cases, events do not start at the stated time and can run late for up to two hours or more. So to kill bored among the attendees the photo booth will play a role of entertaining and photos can be taken as they wait for the event.

Very easy to set up

Secondly, another benefit of having a photo booth is they are easy to set up, and therefore you will not use a lot of time to set up. As it is easy to set up, it will play a significant role in enhancing the event. On the other hand, the photo booths can be able to hold several people at a time and therefore will ensure that nobody will be left out of the whole experience of capturing memories.


bvbgjhkhkThe other significant advantage of hiring photo booths for your event is that they consist of very amazing packages which include free printing of photos and also the photos will play a role of souvenir for the guests. Every individual will love to have a picture that will remind them of the event they attended and the experience and fun they had.

Enhances networking

Once you attend an event and you don’t know people then starting even a conversation on the table where you are seated can be a bit tricky. But when people share a common activity or share similar experience then they will be able to break the communication barriers and will start a good conversation. The photo booth, therefore, will help the attendees to interact freely and at the end of the event, most people will have new friends and experiences.…


How to choose a good photographer

Capturing your special life moments in style is an important way to keep them worth remembering. To do that, you will definitely need a good professional photographer that is able to deliver quality together
with creativity. Getting a professional kelowna photographer can be quite bewildering with the many attractive photography offers available in the market. However, there are some basic factors that you can consider to come up with a great photographer that will meet your photography needs.

Below are some of the factors that will guide you into making an informed decision when it comes to choosing a good photographer for your special event.


klgkg86Plenty of certifications in photography are not just enough if creativity does not come into play; it sets in the difference among photography companies. There are plenty of photography companies that can only go as far as providing an average photo without putting some extra effort to engage creativity in it.

On the other hand, there are those that always go an extra mile to ensure that they deliver the right photography at all cost. Before choosing a photography company, you need to ensure that they display
creativity when capturing each and every moment of your special event.


Having a good camera is not a guarantee to delivering good photography services; proficiency is key. A photographer lacking expertise in the field will most likely be slow in taking the shots thus missing out on some special moments of your memorable day. With a skilled photographer you will be able to avoid some of the common photography mistakes that occur during the editing process. To check on that you can always look at the previous photography services of your potential camera work company in varied settings.

Overall cost

Different photography companies offer their services at varied prices sometimes dependent on the equipment of use and the quality of services delivered. However, with that you will still need to put into
consideration the budget you have set aside for the photography services. You can always get a good photographer that will give you great services within your budget limits. Friends and work mates can be a good source to recommend you to reliable photographers favorable to your preferred budget.

Decide on style

hjdjdd74Deciding on the kind of photography style you want will help you narrow down your search on getting an efficient photographer. There are several styles you can go for which will include; fine art, portraiture, documentary and edgy and bold. The kind of style you will go for depends on the style you love and the kind of event you are having. Note that some photographers are able to blend these styles to meet the photography needs of their clients effectively.

With all the curiosity of viewing your special event shots you don’t want a photographer that will take a long period to deliver to you the photo proofs of your memorable event. Therefore, when choosing a good photographer for your event do not forget to look at their ability to beat deadlines. Moreover, if you have an event that deserves a perfect photography ensure that you put into consideration the above given guidelines to get the perfect shot you need!…